Martha, hidden strenghts


Auteur : Martha Twibanire et  Steven Laperrière 

I did not forget it. It is just behind me. My Rwanda, my native land.

Yet, after the genocide  stole one of my little girls and shortly after the death of my husband, a sudden urge to flee came upon me. This absolute need to escape, to abandon my country in order to provide a safer life for my three children made its way through my whole being down to my guts. Despite my wheelchair, my limitations and my lone parenthood situation, I had to do it: I had to expatriate, for me, for them.

Never would I have imagined what awaited me and what my life would be as a refugee in such a cold region : the province of Québec

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  • Inspiring story above all, this autobiographical account presents the determination, courage, daring and resilience of Martha TWIBANIRE, an immigrant, disabled and single-parent woman who dared to change to change the course of her life.



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Dimensions 23 × 15 cm

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Nb.pages : 186 pages
ISBN: 9782924304-31-0


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